Autonomous vehicles can minimize accidents caused by human error. Sensors and AI algorithms can detect potential hazards and take preventive measures.

Cost Savings

Eliminating the need for drivers and delivery personnel reduces labor costs.

Environmental Impact

Electric autonomous vehicles produce fewer carbon emissions compared to traditional fuel-powered vehicles, reducing environmental harm.

Operational Flexibility

They can adapt to various delivery scenarios, making them suitable for both small-scale individual deliveries and large-scale business deliveries.

Robione finds a wide range of applications in different sectors due to its flexible and customizable structure. Enriched with color

options, this vehicle provides significant advantages to businesses with both functionality and visual appeal. With suitable color

combinations for each sector, Robione makes delivery processes more efficient and customer-friendly.

Fast and Secure Parcel Delivery

Robione’s fast and secure parcel delivery capabilities offer significant benefits for logistics and delivery operations. Its autonomous operation, advanced technology, and optimized efficiency make it an ideal solution for modern delivery challenges, ensuring that parcels reach their destinations quickly and safely while reducing operational costs and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Easily track your package's location

Robione delivers your package securely and quickly to the location you enter in the app. With its autonomous technology, Robione ensures your package reaches the correct address, providing a hassle-free delivery experience.

An Autonomous Delivery Solution Where Reliability and Predictable Performance Are Intricately Integrated

They can adapt to various delivery scenarios, making them suitable for both small-scale individual deliveries and large-scale business deliveries.

Deliveries can be tracked in real-time, providing customers with up-to-date information about the delivery process.

The movements of the vehicles are recorded throughout the delivery process, allowing for review if necessary.

Customizable Delivery Options to
Meet Industry Needs

Robione offers flexible delivery options that can be customized to meet the needs of different industries. This versatility makes Robione useful for a wide range of applications, from grocery deliveries to parcel delivery.

Customized Compartments for
Grocery Deliveries

In grocery deliveries, Robione is equipped with specially designed compartments to securely hold and deliver products. Each compartment is optimized for different types of items, ensuring safe transport and organized delivery.

Compartmentalized Design for
Parcel Deliveries

For parcel delivery, Robione features an interior design with compartments that can accommodate packages of various sizes and weights. This design facilitates efficient and organized delivery to multiple addresses.


Fully electric drivetrain with a 3kW motor and fully autonomous with lidar, cameras and a GNSS/INS system. Customizable autonomous driving system for specific routes and speeds.


Compact size and agile design for efficient material handling.​


It can adapt to a variety of open road conditions.​


It has an internal volume of 1200 liters and a carrying capacity of 800 kg.​

New Generation
Autonomous Vehicle

General Advantages

Robione’s industry-specific delivery options enhance operational efficiency and boost customer satisfaction. In grocery deliveries, products are delivered fresh and organized, while in parcel deliveries, a fast and secure service is provided, showcasing Robione’s versatility.


Sensors allow Robione to detect objects and obstacles in its surroundings. This ensures that the vehicle can move safely and avoid collisions.


Cameras help Robione understand its environment by collecting visual data. Visual information is crucial for recognizing road signs, pedestrians, and other vehicles.


LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) uses laser beams to create a three-dimensional map of the environment. This technology allows Robione to navigate precisely and reliably.


Antennas enable Robione to connect with GPS and communication systems. These connections are critical for accurate positioning and remote control of the vehicle.

Revolution has Begun!

Robione is revolutionizing the logistics industry by developing electric and driverless platforms for last-mile delivery operations, such as market and cargo delivery.

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modifications from our team, fostering collaboration and innovation.