Cost Savings

Robione reduces the need for human labor in transporting goods within the factory, lowering overall labor costs.

Improved Safety

Equipped with advanced sensors and cameras, Robione can detect and avoid obstacles, ensuring safe operation around workers and other machinery.

Environmental Impact

The app-controlled routes ensure that Robione takes the most efficient path to its destinations. This reduces the total distance traveled and the energy consumed, leading to lower emissions and a smaller environmental impact.

Real-Time Monitoring and Control

Factory managers can monitor Robione’s movements in real-time via the app, ensuring that goods are being transported efficiently and promptly.

Robione is available in various color options, providing several advantages in factory settings. Robione’s color options in factories provide advantages in visual differentiation, safety, organization, and efficiency. Color coding makes operations more organized and safer, while also enhancing aesthetic order and corporate identity.

App-Controlled Routes

App-controlled routes enable Robione to operate flexibly, efficiently, and safely within the factory. Users can easily plan, manage, and track Robione’s movements with this advanced feature. This helps optimize logistical processes, save time and costs, and enhance overall workplace safety.


Robione can be configured to handle various types of loads, from standard pallets to specialized containers, making it a versatile tool for different logistical tasks.

Efficiency and Time Savings

The ability to add multiple delivery points in a single trip allows Robione to perform several tasks simultaneously, making logistical processes smoother and more effective.

Optimized Routes

The app calculates the most efficient routes, helping Robione avoid unnecessary stops and delays. This increases operational efficiency and saves time.

App-Controlled Routes for Factories and Beyond

Robione’s app-controlled routes are an advanced feature that allows users to easily plan and manage the vehicle’s movements not only within factories but also in other settings like airports.


Fully electric drivetrain with a 3kW motor and fully autonomous with lidar, cameras and a GNSS/INS system. Customizable autonomous driving system for specific routes and speeds.


It has an internal volume of 1200 liters and a carrying capacity of 800 kg.


Compact size and agile design for efficient material handling.


It can adapt to a variety of open road conditions.

Point Marking via App: Ease of Use and Benefits of Robione

Robione’s advanced interface design allows users to easily mark the destinations via the app. This feature offers numerous advantages.

Flexible Route Changes

Users can easily add or remove stops according to their needs. This flexibility allows for more efficient management of daily operations.

Instant Notifications

The app sends instant notifications in case of any deviations or obstacles on the designated routes, quickly identifying and resolving potential issues.