The Robione is a highly advanced autonomous vehicle that offers a reliable and efficient solution for material handling in a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments. With its cutting-edge lidar sensors and GNSS INS system, it can autonomously navigate through complex environments while adapting to changing conditions, making it an ideal solution for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.
better than now

More Sustainable and Healthier Planet

Robione is a fully electric and driverless platform for last-mile delivery operations, such as market and cargo delivery.

Robione offer more sustainable, predictable, and traceable delivery processes as they are able to work 7/24. Also, Robione has a route optimization algorithm that makes the delivery processes cheaper and faster.

better than now

Revolution has Begun!

Robione is revolutionizing the logistics industry by developing electric and driverless platforms for last-mile delivery operations, such as market and cargo delivery.

Fully electrıc and drıverless

Fully electric drivetrain with a 3kW motor and fully autonomous with lidar, cameras and a GNSS/INS system. Customizable autonomous driving system for specific routes and speeds.

AGILE desıgn

Compact size and agile design for efficient material handling.

powered by autoware

The open-source nature of the software allows customers to customize the system or request
modifications from our team, fostering collaboration and innovation.

larger volume and load capacity

It has an internal volume of 1200 liters and a carrying capacity of 800 kg.

Max. speed 30km/h

It can adapt to a variety of open road conditions.